There is a hidden treasure in Sandestin's Village of Baytowne Wharf. It is known as Fisherman's Village. It is not marked on a map or on the website. The condos are few in number, but they are spacious, luxurious, with all the amenities. Perhaps they were simply forgotten, but that makes no sense given that The Village of Baytowne Wharf has its own "Towne Hall" in Fisherman's Village.

Well it's no longer a secret. Over the retail shops along the mini-streets of Market and Fishermans Cove, as well as inside Tupelo Courtyard, are multi-level condominiums built in New Orleans-inspired style with French doors and balconies with wrought iron railing. One of these condominiums is the Baytowne Escape. It's located directly above The Cloak and Dagger Escape Room. It's wrap around balcony overlooks Market Street and the entrance to Tupelo Courtyard.

Getting There

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245 Tupelo Courtyard is the address of The Baytowne Escape. It's one of the condominiums in Fishermans Village that surround Tupelo Courtyard. Walk across Market Street from the parking garage and you will be in front of the Cloak and Dagger Escape Room. Look up and you will see front of The Baytowne Escape. The entrance to the condominium is to the right of the entrance to the Escape Room.

The private parking is on the upper level of the parking garage. However, it is easier to unload bags at the lower level garage's Market Street exit before parking on the top level.

Other address you may see for The Baytowne Escape are 245 Fishermans Village, and 245 Fishermans Wharf. Baytowne Map

Since parking was the main issue in the reviews I'm incuding the one some reviewers reference as the "Parking Tip." Thanks to the reviewer that wrote it.

The parking is a little confusing especially if you’ve never been to baytowne wharf! When you get through the gate to baytowne wharf, follow the signs for the village! The townhome is near all the shops and restaurants. There will be two parking garages, the one to the left is public and the one to the right is private. You’ll want to take the garage on the right, follow the signs for market place! There will be a set of stairs that opens up outside, walk straight down the stairs and the townhome will be facing you. The front door is a little tricky to open, after you unlock it, it sticks so it feels like it’s still locked. The Photos online do not do it justice, it is beautiful! The wrap around balcony is gorgeous, but small! I couldn’t believe how close it is to Rum Runners, and Fat Tuesday’s was right there as well! The pool is super close and nice, and there is a small gym as well. We did not use the Tram Pass to the beach, but your parking pass for baytowne wharf allows you to park with no problems at the beach across the street near the San Destin Hilton! When you stop at the security gate to enter the San Destin Hilton area they can give you directions to the beach. It’s not far at all! My only con for this Condominium would be there is only one dish towel in the kitchen, but that’s all! Fully stocked kitchen, even used the crock pot! The washer and dryer is located in the second bedroom! Will definitely stay here again!


The Anenities Coutyard is across Market Street from the Baytowne Escape.

The grills are by the pool along with an picnic area.

The Hot Tub

The Cold Spa appropriately accross from the Hot Spa.

The wading poll. No adults allowed.

The Anenities Coutyard Pool.

The Garden

The Garden Fireplace

The exercise room - free weights, weight machine, tread machines, stair step, bikes, and a punching bag. Stay a month. Get in great shape.

The vending, kitchen sinks, and ice machine are in the same buiding as the exercise room.

There be stairs! In unit exercise before bed.

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Around Towne

Enjoy all that Sandestin, The Village of Baytowne Wharf, and Destin have to offer from the center of it all.

Make sure you go to the beach. Take you car or the tram. Your tram passes in the unit on the bar counter. The tram stops every twenty minutes at the entrance to The Village of Baytowne Wharf.

Where's the Tram?